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BS Ihatovo Monogatari
- The title screen for BS Ihatovo Monogatari
The title screen for BS Ihatovo Monogatari
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
Voice actor(s) Kikuko Inoue
Kōichi Yamadera
Yuka Imai
Eiichi Onoda
First Broadcast(s) Mar. 2, 1997(Night 1)
Mar. 9, 1997 (Night 2)
Mar. 16, 1997 (Night 3)
Mar. 23, 1997 (Night 4)
Hours 18:00-19:00
Ihatovo Theater,
Bagupotamia Temple
Rerun(s) May 4, 1997 - May 31, 1997
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

BS Ihatovo Monogarati (「BSイーハトーヴォ物語」) is a downloadable 4-part Soundlink game for the Satellaview that was broadcast in at least 2 distinct runs between its March 2, 1997 release and May 31, 1997. The game is a role-playing game based on the works of Japanese author, Kenji Miyazawa, and its release was intended to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of his birth.[1] The game is a sequel to the 1993 Hecht game for the SNES, Ihatovo Monogarati (「イーハトーヴォ物語」), earlier-broadcast for the Satellaview as well. Intended as a family-oriented game for all ages, the game makes reference to many classic works of Japanese children's literature.

BS Ihatovo Monogatari incorporates voice narration at the start of each weekly broadcast to provide dramatic performances of Miyazawa's poetry set in Ihatovo. During gameplay, the Soundlink provides sound effects and gameplay hints for players. The game's voice actors were selected by popular vote by readers of Seiyu Zasshi (an Anime magazine focused on voice actors) and included Kikuko Inoue (井上喜久子), Kōichi Yamadera (山寺宏一), Yuka Imai (今井由香), and Eiichi Onoda (小野田英一).[1]

The Satellaview game's SoundLink music was also praised by audiences.[2]


Taking place in the surreal and utopian world of Ihatovo, the emphasis of the game is on the advancement of plot and on item-exchange sequences instead of fighting. The goal of the game is to find Miyazawa's seven lost notebooks by journeying through the city and solving a variety of puzzles.[1] The theme of these puzzles relate to some of Miyazawa's most famous works such as Night on the Galactic Railroad.[2]

Image gallery[]

A screenshot from BS Ihatovo Monogatari showing the city of Ihatovo. A screenshot from BS Ihatovo Monogatari showing the recovery of one of Miyazawa's notebooks. A screenshot from BS Ihatovo Monogatari showing the inside of one of the buildings in Ihatovo and the city's strange inhabitants.


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