BS Nintendo HP

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
First Broadcast(s) Mar. 29, 1998
Hours 16:00-16:30; 22:00-22:30; 23:30-24:00; 25:50-26:00
Train Station
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

BS Nintendo HP (「BS任天堂HP」) is a Downloadable Digital Magazine that was broadcast in at least 6 segments for the Satellaview between March 29, 1998 and December 19, 1998.


Nintendo HP had news on all of Nintendo's latest material from the N64 to the Super Famicom's "Nintendo Power" service. The digital magazine was nicely-arranged in rows of text and pictures, sometimes with music. Material released through Nintendo HP included teaser and beta material such as beta-screens of Zelda 64, for instance.[1][2]


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