BS Super Mario Collection

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
Voice actor(s) Nae Yuki
First Broadcast(s) Dec. 28, 1997 (Week 1)
Jan. 4, 1998 (Week 2)
Jan. 11, 1998 (Week 3)
January. 18, 1998 (Week 4)
Hours 18:00-19:00, 19:00-20:00
Mario Pipe
Bagupotamia Temple
Rerun(s) Mar. 1, 1998 - Mar. 29, 1998
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

BS Super Mario Collection (BSスーパーマリオコレクション) is a remake of Super Mario Collection for the Satellaview. The game was released in four installments as a Soundlink game entry.

General Differences/AdditionsEdit

  • There are new icons on the map screen: a Fire Flower icon, and a Coin Ship icon, which may have the same function as the original ships, but looks different.
  • Toad's House is now just a screen where the player selects the treasure chest, rather than having Mario actually walk to the chest and open it.
  • There is a timer in the bottom left of the screen that counts how long the game has been played.
  • At the beginning of each world, there is a list of all the levels, and a picture with dialog underneath it.[1]
  • Warps are accessible as normal in both Dai-1-shuu and Dai-4-shuu, but the player is sent back to his/her current world when a life is lost.
  • Aside from normal gameplay, there are also score-based mechanics, unique to SMC:
    • Coin Ships, exclusive to Dai-2-shuu and Dai-3-shuu, unlock after 50,000 points.
    • The player only has one chance to clear a Coin Ship. Even if one loses a life, it won't be accessible again after exiting from that location, so it is possible to lose a Chest containing a rare item.
    • Once a player has reached 100,000 points, he/she will be able to go one world or section ahead, as proven by Kiddo Cabbuses.


Installment InfoEdit

Dai-1-shuu: Mario transverses a SMB3-like overworld to enter SMB1 Worlds 1 through 5 initially. In the meantime, voice commentary is supplied by Mario and Yuuki Nae, a Satellaview Radio Personality.[1][2]

Dai-2-shuu: Mario explores Worlds 1 through 3 designed in SMB3 style and with his SMB3 powerups. (as evident by Conn's patch, with Dai-3-shuu being the base)

Dai-3-shuu: Mario explores Worlds 4 through 6 designed in SMB3 style and with his SMB3 powerups.[3]

Dai-4-shuu: Mario transverses a SMB3-like overworld to enter worlds from the Lost Levels, or Japan's SMB2. Worlds 1 through 5 are initially accessible. (estimate)

Release Date InfoEdit

Being episodic, BS Super Mario Collection was released on a weekly basis. Info on the four releases:[4]

Date/Date Range Japanese English
1997/12/28~1998/01/03 BSスーパーマリオコレクション 第1週 BS Super Mario Collection Week 1
1998/01/04~1998/01/10 BSスーパーマリオコレクション 第2週 BS Super Mario Collection Week 2
1998/01/11~1998/01/17 BSスーパーマリオコレクション 第3週 BS Super Mario Collection Week 3
1998/01/18~1998/01/24 BSスーパーマリオコレクション 第4週 BS Super Mario Collection Week 4

The timeframe they initially broadcasted was likely 7PM. The programs may have re-aired a various amount of times, but more indepth schedules are necessary to know exactly how many.


The Satellaview's Soundlink-capabilities allowed music to be streamed via Satellite radio. This game used this to enhance it's soundtrack with songs that could not be performed via the Super Famicom's soundchips.

As the game played, music from the Super Mario World Soundtrack and Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, Hop! Step! Jump! - as well as strangely-picked licensed music would play in place of standard Super Mario music. Some of the licensed music choices include "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News and "The NeverEnding Story"

External linksEdit

Some video of BS Super Mario Collection Dai-1-shuu's broadcast. This shows some gameplay and the accompanying audio.


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