Derby Stallion 96
- DabySuta96
Box art for Derby Stallion 96
Developer(s) ASCII Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
First Broadcast(s)
Hours various
Derby Stallion 96 Cassette
Rerun(s) various
Required hardware Derby Stallion 96 Cassette

Derby Stallion 96 is a Satellaview-compatible Slotted Cartridge that is a horse-breeding/racing simulation game.

Slotted Cartridge usesEdit

Derby Stallion 96 read data from 8M Memory Packs which included pre-made horse and race data for players to use in their games.

The data which it loaded is categorized into this series of Derby Stallion 96 download data which was broadcast by St.GIGA for Satellaview subscribers.

  • DerbyStal '96 Nintendo Breeders Cup You Uma Data (ダビスタ96 任天堂ブリーダーズカップ用 馬データ)
  • DerbyStal '96 Nintendo Breeders Cup "Yosen Taikai" Race Data (ダビスタ96 任天堂ブリーダーズカップ「予選大会」レースデータ)
  • Derby Stallion '96 Taiou Tsuika Data (ダービースタリオン96対応 追加データ)
  • Derby Stallion '96 Taiou G1 Mogi Race (ダービースタリオン96対応 G1模擬レース)
  • Derby Stallion '96 Taiou Shuboba Data (ダービースタリオン96対応 種牡馬データ)
  • "DerbyStal '96" Taiou '97-nendo Ban (「ダビスタ96」対応- 97年度版)
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