Game Tora no Ooana
- GameToranoOoanaSpecial2-24-96
The title screen for the December 24, 1996 edition of Game Tora no Ooana Special
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
First Broadcast(s) Apr. 24, 1995
Hours 17:00-19:00
Game Museum, Train Station, Tiger Building
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack
Prize(s) Bemani Pocket

Game Tora no Ooana (「ゲーム虎の大穴」) is a series of Downloadable Digital Magazine for the Satellaview that ran for at least 412 volumes from April 24, 1995 to March 28, 1999. The magazine went through numerous names throughout its duration including:

  • Game Tora no Ooana (「ゲーム虎の大穴」)
  • Game Tora no Ooana Special (「ゲーム虎の大穴スペシャル」)
  • Game Tora no Chou Ooana (「ゲーム虎の超大穴」)
  • Game Tora no Chou Ooana Tokubetsuhen (「ゲーム虎の超大穴特別編」)
  • Game Tora no Taikoban (「ゲーム虎の太鼓判」)

It is based on the Japanese Comic Toranoana which still exists today.[1]


Generally a 1-hour program, Game Tora broadcasts (translated as "Game Tiger") consisted of Satellaview radio programming with a lot of discussion. The show contained insider business information (such as Nintendo products and developments and third-party game makers' projects), gaming music and tips, and advertisements for upcoming products like the Nintendo 64.[1][2]


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