Game data is digital information that was used together with other stand-alone game data (that had either been previously downloaded or that existed on one of the 8 game-specific slotted cartridges) in order to provide expanded content for the game. While most game data was broadcast to the Satellaview, there were also 3 different write-protected memory packs that were released containing game data (2 for the SameGame slotted cartridge and 1 for the SD Gundam G-NEXT slotted cart).

Game data took the form of expanded character data (SameGame), additional map data (SD Gundam G-Next), additional race and horse data (Derby Stallion), RPG scenarios and plot expansions (RPG Tsukuru 2, Sound-Novel Tsukuru), additional music (Ongaku Tsukuru), tournament data (Joushou Mahjong Tenpai), etc. Non-slotted-cartridge game data included material like Chrono-Trigger's Chrono Trigger Jet Bike Special.

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