Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru
- OngakuTsukuruKanaderuCover
Box art for Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru
Developer(s) ASCII Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
First Broadcast(s)
Hours 12:00-12:30, 13:00-13:30, 16:00-17:00, 22:00-22:30, 23:00-23:30
Game Museum, Department Store
Rerun(s) various
Required hardware Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru Cassette

Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru (音楽ツクール かなでーる) is a Satellaview-compatible Slotted Cartridge game belonging to ASCII's Tsukūru series. The title of these games are portmanteau-word puns mixing the Japanese word tsukuru (作る), which means "make" or "create", with tsūru (ツール), the Japanese transcription of the English word "tool".[1] As the title suggests, this title is a music creation tool.

Slotted Cartridge usesEdit

Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru read data from 8M Memory Packs which had previously been filled with data downloaded via the BS-X cartridge. Data for the Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru cartridge was broadcast between April 22, 1996 and August 30, 1997.

The data which it loaded is categorized into this series of Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadēru download data which was broadcast by St.GIGA for Satellaview subscribers.

  • Ongaku Tsukūru Kanadēru Sen'you Score Data (音楽ツクール かなでーる 専用スコアデータ)
  • "Ongaku Tsukūru Kanadēru" Convert Data (「音楽ツクール かなで~る」 コンバートデータ)
  • "Ongaku Tsukūru Kanadēru" Taiou: Sen'you Score Data (「「音楽ツクールかなでーる」 対応−専用スコアデータ)


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