Satellaview merchandise and prizes collectively refers to numerous items of Satellaview-related paraphernalia including toys, comics, posters, clothing, telephone calling cards, fashion accessories, and other materials that were released by various companies to promote the Satellaview or to capitalize on Satellaview enthusiasm. Promotional materials originated from both Nintendo and St.GIGA, with St.GIGA material taking the form of prizes awarded to gamers upon successful completion of difficult gaming feats, attainment of competitive inter-player scoring ranks, or simply written contact with St.GIGA (winners selected by lottery). Other prize materials were infrequently released by the Satellaview-centric Satellaview Tsushin that also sold merchandise goods related to the Satellaview and the magazine itself. Since the lifetime of the Satellaview, Satellaview-related prize/promotional material and merchandise has only been available for steep prices on the secondary market for interested collectors. Most recently, however, unofficial Satellaview-themed merchandise has begun to surface online. This modern material comes from third party fan groups, and is occasionally used by restoration-minded and research-centric groups to raise money for Satellaview-related projects.

St.GIGA PrizesEdit

Numerous prizes are known to have been released by St.GIGA - occasionally related to particular games or event competitions. The most common prizes originating from St.GIGA were generic prizes including "Original stickers," "Original watches," "Original purses," and "Original Ballpoint Pens." Game-specific prizes included Victory Certificates, game-related calling cards, and even hard-copy data sets in some rare cases.

Victory Certificates were awarded for the completion of numerous games and are now collector's items. Game-specific telephone calling cards for games such as BS Shin Onigashima and Samurai Spirits were common prizes, and numerous St.GIGA-branded trinkets such as watches, purses, and "Pin Badges" were also awarded.[1][2]

Game/Event[3] Minimum requirement[3] Prize[3]
3rd Player's Choice SoundLink Game Lottery St.GIGA Original Watch
Bakushō Mondai no Totsugeki! StarPirates (1st) Lottery St.GIGA Original Ballpoint Pen
Bakushō Mondai no Totsugeki! StarPirates Lottery St.GIGA Original Watch
BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki Lottery St.GIGA Original Purse
BS F-ZERO Grand Prix Lottery BS F-Zero data set collection
BS Shin Onegashima (Episode 1) 50-100 points (or more) Original BS Shin Onegashima calling card (flying award)
BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge Rank 60 (or better) Postcard certificate awards
BS Zelda no Densetsu (August 1995)[4] Collect 8 pieces of Triforce[4] "Secret Membership Card" for Nichibutsu Casino[4]
BS Zelda no Densetsu (September 1995 rerun)[5] High score[5] 8M Memory Pack[5]
BS Zelda no Densetsu (October 1995 rerun) Rank 88 (or better) Postcard certificate award
BS Zelda no Densetsu (January 1997 "Players Choice" rerun)[6] Collect 8 Pieces of Triforce[6] "Secret Membership Card"
Original stickers[6]
BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban (March 1997 - each week)[7] Top 5 highest scoring players[7] 8M Memory Pack[7]
DoReMi Ya no Original SoundWitch: Blue SoundWitch Lottery St.GIGA Original Watch
Game Tora no Taikoban[8] Bemani Pocket game[8]
Satella Q Sayonara Heisei Q Nen Nenmatsu Soukessan! (De Mondai Saiyou!)
SatellaWalker (1st and 2nd) 1st place rank (personality) St.GIGA Original Purse
Satella Yokochou Business card Group photo of everyone in the city; Pinback Button
Sound Journal (Fall) Lottery St.GIGA Original Watch
Takara Hai Oozumou Eisei Basho Lottery Samurai Spirit calling card
We-Q Special Answer all questions correctly Puzzle Eraser

Promotional Nintendo materialEdit

Promotional material released by Nintendo typically consisted of written materials such as the Satellite Comic, "Satebô and Parabô," however occasional game-related prizes were also released such as individually hand-painted fishing lures awarded for competitions surrounding Itoi Shigesato's SoundLink title, Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1.

Satellaview Tsushin merchandiseEdit

Several Satellaview-specific items were released for sale via Satellaview Tsushin, the Satellaview-themed spin-off of Famicom Tsushin.[9] Other Satellaview Tsushin merchandise such as the BS Super Mario USA-themed Golden Mario Statues and Game Paks were also distributed as prizes related to magazine-based contests.[1][2] Items such as t-shirts bearing the image of the Satellaview Tsushin mascot, Sabi the Flying Squirrel, and parkas of many different colours were also distributed by Satellaview Tsushin.[9]

For the launch of the magazine and for each subsequent issue, numerous prizes were advertised including keychains, pins, pencil cases, telephone cards, piggy banks, magazine subscriptions, autographs, clothing (caps, parkas, shorts, t-shirts, etc.), and even high-end electronic items (walkmen, CD players, televisions, game packs, N64s in the magazine's later years, etc.). The magazine also held occasional game-specific contests such as the SameGame contest in which players could win top prizes including a trip to Hawaii or Guam, tickets to the Sapporo Snow Festival, free hotel dinners, and free beer. Normally purchasable merchandise consisted of collectables like those in the "Hudson's Premium Collectibles" series.[10]

Post Satellaview-era merchandiseEdit

Since Nintendo and St.GIGA's abandonment of the system, most Satellaview-related merchandise has remained in the realm of the collector scene, and it has been relegated to online auction websites and other various collectors' websites. More recently, however, a new wave of merchandise has been emerging contemporaneously with growing nostalgia for the system in the East and growing interest in the system in the West. Items that are newly available today typically consist of clothing such as t-shirts.[11]


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