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A seiyu records Soundlink Data at Studio St.GIGA while staff use the Satellaview.

SoundLink Games (サウンドリンクゲーム) are games which combined the ability to download software data with the streaming of satellite radio to create a unique experience in which users would play a game that is in-sync with an accompanying audio presentation. Soundlink titles first premiered as "Voice Link" Games (音声連動ゲーム), and BS Zelda no Densetsu was the first game in which this feature was utilized. The last unique SoundLink broadcast was Satella-Q Shin Q Omedetou Pikapika no Q Ninsei.

SoundLink games were often divided into multiple episodes that were each broadcast several times in a single week and then followed by the next sequential episode the next week. The usual number of episodes for a SoundLink game was 4[1], however 2-episode games are known to have been broadcast as well as 5-episode (or more) games. In order to provide contiguity between episodes, save data from earlier episodes was stored on the 8M Memory Pack, and was re-utilized by subsequent episodes to allow players to start up where they left off. The utilization of this data was not a requirement, so players could also start in the middle of a 4-episode program if they wished. To further placate fans, Nintendo and St.GIGA often re-broadcast SoundLink Games as reruns, however occasionally the reruns would contain additional or re-arranged content to provide new material for those that had played the earlier broadcast.[2]


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