The English Satellaview Wiki's primary goal is to be the largest collaborative source for information on the Satellaview. To achieve this goal certain guidelines should be followed by editors, and certain factors should be taken into account by readers.

Disclaimers for ReadersEdit

The English Satellaview Wiki strives to be the most accurate source of information related to the Satellaview, however readers must be aware that the collaborative nature of the wiki may be just as much a detriment as it is a benefit. All editors are expected to provide additions to the project in as accurate a manner as possible, but total accuracy is not always possible. Please remember to pay attention to the source of all claims presented in this Wiki as the claim is only as strong as the source backing it up.

For more information on accuracy, please see TESW:Accuracy.

Disclaimers for EditorsEdit

Editors of The English Satellaview Wiki agree to relinquish all property claims to materials (textual, graphical, audio/visual, and/or other materials) introduced into this wiki. Sensitive information may be removed from the wiki at the discretion of the maintainer, User:KiddoCabbusses at any time and third-party requests for the removal of such information will be gladly considered.

Editors are expected to abide by a set of common practice guidelines and policies that can be found here. Editors failing to abide by these rules may be warned and/or banned from editing at the English Satellaview Wiki.

All constructive contributions are welcomed.

General DisclaimersEdit

The English Satellaview Wiki makes frequent use of multimedia in its presentation of information. All materials presented in this wiki are done so under a claim of fair use as educational materials. Due to the fact that the Satellaview is a defunct system and is unsupported by its developers, distributors, manufacturers, and all other creative forces, the hope is that the presentation of high-quality media related to the Satellaview will have absolutely no effect on the potential market for these materials.

Should any party feel that its intellectual property rights to the materials presented in this wiki are being infringed, please do not hesitate to bring these concerns to the immediate attention of the maintainer of the wiki, User:KiddoCabbusses (creator of the Satellablog).

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.