Write-protected memory packs are separately-sold memory packs compatible with slotted cartridges such as SameGame and SD Gundam G-Next. Throughout the lifetime of the Satellaview only 3 such memory packs were released. These memory packs provided additional game data for the underlying titles they are intended to expand. Because the memory packs did not require satellite download from St.GIGA, players could access these files during St.GIGA's off-hours and those who did not own a Satellaview could also play the games with just a Super Famicom and the appropriate slotted cartridge. Despite this disconnect from the Satellaview system, the 3 memory packs were considered part of the Satellaview line and all bore the Satellaview logo.

List of write-protected memory packs for slotted cartridgesEdit

Between 1995 and 2000, only 3 write-protected[1] memory packs were released for use with their associated Satellaview slotted cartridges.

Name Part No. Release date Retail price Associated carts Image
Character Cassette BSMC-ZS5J-JPN 1 Mar. 1996 ¥8,980 SameGame
Character Data: Tengai Makyo BSMC-YS5J-JPN
1 Mar. 1996 ¥2,680 SameGame
Unit & Map Collections BSMC-ZX3J-JPN
29 Mar. 1996 ¥3,800 SD Gundam GNEXT SDGundamGNEXTMapCollectionsBoxCover


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