Yuuki Nae no GE-MU no Tsubo

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
Voice actor(s) Nae Yuki
First Broadcast(s) Apr. 28, 1996
Hours 17:00-17:20
Burger Shop
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

Yuuki Nae no GE-MU no Tsubo (「裕木奈江のGE−MUの壷」) is a Downloadable Soundlink Magazine that was broadcast for the Satellaview between April 28, 1996 and March 23, 1997. The magazine featured the vocal talents of 1990s idol, Nae Yuki, who had been working with St.GIGA to produce Satellaview content since 1995. The format/concept of GE-MU no Tsubo developed out of an earlier Yuki magazine entitled Yuuki Nae Ashita ni Nareba... (「裕木奈江 明日になれば…」) during two April 1996 segments subtitled "GE-MU no Tsubo."